The wonder of Lists

As a Headmaster of a very busy and large school I am often asked as to how I keep myself organised. At any one point in time there are always a myriad of tasks to complete and in any normal week I am receiving over 500 emails. So how do I manage the workload and still keep sane? For me the secret to all this is a superb app called ‘Wunderlist’. This allows me to create an endless number of lists and it is through using lists that I stay in control of my working week and much else besides. The free app allows you to create a series of different lists but at the same time to merge them together to create a to do list for any day. I recommend it to you all, it really will transform your life. Prior to using such a system I was forever waking up in the middle of night to remember something I needed to do the following day. Now as soon as I know I need to do something I can add it to the list and then forget about it until the reminder pops up that I really must get it done. Lists can be shared with others so that, for example, my wife can add a reminder for me to get something done at the weekend or to pick something up on the way home. A list is a powerful tool in terms of organisation. This is a clear case when technology can help to save time and the noise that the app makes whenever I complete a task also strangely adds to the satisfaction of finishing a tricky task. It helps me to break down large tasks into smaller, achievable chunks and thus even on the most daunting project you can take smaller steps towards the end goal. In modern life so many of us have a pressured existence trying to juggle home and work life. We are all trying to remember so much at any one time that we need to do. Technology like this can help to make our lives easier. Thus, if there is a job that you need to do weekly, add it to Wunderlist and it will remind you on the relevant day each week. I now very rarely forget anything I need to do and my own productivity has increased significantly. I guess the world divides into those who love lists and those who prefer to take a more unstructured approach to their lives. Whilst at times the list I have can appear daunting having a record both of what I have to do at any time and through a further list of all those things I have already completed I feel that I am in control. How many of us can say that? Now, I am off to tick off writing my latest blog post off my list!