The Time of your Life…

Last Thursday we bade farewell to our Upper Sixth as they went on their study leave. It proved to be a fantastic day for all concerned. The boys traditionally come in wearing fancy dress and we then have a series of photos, some fun on the front lawn with various bouncy castles, and then after lunch with the staff, they end with a nostalgic ‘assembly’ looking back on their time in the School.

What was particularly pleasing this year was the way that the boys responded to what we had put on for them. It was lovely to see staff and boys mingling throughout the day in a good-natured and friendly fashion and I know that all involved enjoyed this informal chance to say goodbye. I have received a number of comments from boys since the event saying how much they had enjoyed it. So too did the staff who spent time with them throughout the day.

As part of the day one of our senior teachers sings the Green Day song, ‘Time of your life.’ As boys look back, I hope that they will see their time at the School as a most memorable time but equally I hope that life holds a great deal more for them in the years ahead. As boys leave the School they will experience many emotions – joy, sadness, concern over forthcoming exams, nostalgia etc but I very much hope that they will look back fondly on the time that they have spent with us. Equally though it is right that they now start to look forward to the next stage of their lives when they have the opportunity to make their mark on the wider world. This year’s leavers are an impressive bunch and I am sure that they have very bright futures ahead.

In his assembly for the whole school the School captain used the Mastercard advert to inspire these words:

“7 years of school fees that seem to rise every year – about £50,000; countless school trips, sports tours, plays and field days – somewhere between £1000 and £10000; stationery, uniform, bus passes – probably another £1000. The best 7 years of my life, friendships that will last a lifetime and memories that will never be forgotten – well maybe it’s just me but personally I don’t think priceless quite does that justice.”

I hope that all of these boys and indeed those that have gone before them at the School will retain their links with the School. We are very keen on building a ‘Community for Life’ to stay in touch with people and ensure that the bonds that they have with their peers, the staff and the School as a whole are nurtured in the years ahead.

Last Thursday saw the School community at its best with staff and boys mixing together in a celebration of Year 13’s time at the School. I very much hope that, in the words of Green Day, “For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while.I hope you had the time of your life.”