To blog or not to blog?

For some time now I have been thinking about whether I should embark on writing a regular blog. I have finally taken the plunge. Why?

I was hesitant about doing so because I was concerned that no-one would be particularly interested in reading my thoughts on a variety of topics. Blogs always seemed quite self-indulgent to me and I guess this thought remains now, why else would I display my favourite books alongside my posts?

However, I recently dipped my toes in the water by joining Twitter. I have been amazed by the response to this, over 120 people have chosen to receive my random ramblings and I have had a number of interesting conversations with boys and parents about the contents of many of these. In addition, I have had extended conversations with a number of colleagues in different schools about topics of mutual interest. This is a powerful network of professionals keen to help in so many different ways. Their generosity of advice and support to a complete stranger and novice to Twitter has been amazing.

Through this network I have been exposed to many more blogs and I have been inspired by these to make a start myself. Twitter is great but the 140 character limit does restrict your ability to develop your thoughts and refer to other sources.

So to the future? What will I blog about? My aim is to use it to reflect on a variety of issues relating to education and the world in general. I aim to write on a regular basis and welcome feedback with ideas for future posts or comments on what I have posted.

One of the greatest challenges for any school and for any Headmaster is communication. We all realise its importance but in an organisation of over 1000 pupils and over 200 staff it can be hard to make sure that this is perfect all of the time. I hope that by setting a lead here and by being prepared to listen to the feedback I can play my part in ensuring that our communications are both timely and appropriate.

I am sure that people will tell me if the process becomes too self-indulgent but in our Year of Reading I hope that you will take a look at the book-shelf alongside this post. I will write more on my choices in the future.

So first post written and now to think about the next…